Harvest Praise Church
Sunday, March 03, 2024
This is the Place You've Been Hearing About!



The Life Group ministry at Harvest Praise Church is the very core of our ministry. We are taking the example of Jesus Christ’s life and applying it to today’s evangelistic efforts. Each group is led by a mature and trained Harvest Praise believer, and each group consists of four to twenty Christians who meet bi-monthly in homes, on the job, at school, or where ever they choose.
The Life Group meetings constitute small weekly teachings where the Word of God is shared in a simple and practical way. The Life Group  also serves as an evangelistic mission since new people are being invited and won to Christ each week. Generally speaking, the group enables a person to grow in his relationship with God through the knowledge of His Word, and in relationship with others in an intimate setting. The goal of each group is to prepare its members for leadership.
We are currently building Life Groups  for men, women, youth, and even for our children. Life Groups  bring life and are fun! Through LG ministry we can reach into our surrounding communities and be a blessing to each family there. We are the Body of Christ, and when we reach out into our communities we offer hope to a hurting world. It is our goal to provide Life Group for every area/ community in Burke County and even into the surrounding counties. It is our Prayer that no one should miss the opportunity to come to know Christ as their friend and personal savior.
If you are interested in joining or visiting a Life Group in your area please give us a call and we will be happy to connect you with a leader. 828-432-0480